Inside Job / 01.02.2016

Curo - Customer Management

A simple web based customer management system.

Curo is a web based customer management system I created for my day to day time tracking, invoicing, tax return calculations, expenses, file sharing and live document editing.

Curo; to care for, trouble about, pay attention to Latin English Dictionary

The main design goal of Curo was to build a system that was very quick to use, worked really well on both a smartphone and a desktop and was completely aligned with the way I work. I needed a way of quickly recording some item of work, expense or charge to a customer and then billing these items at the end of the month.

Time Sheets

I can quickly record an item of work or a charge to a current monthly invoice.


Current invoices and payment status are listed. The invoice can be viewed (merged with a template) or issued to the customer and tracked through to payment.

Tax Return Calculations

A report which updates as new invoices are added and allows for the tracking of any payments made to HMRC.

File Sharing

Files can be uploaded for sharing with a customer in a more secure way than sharing them via email or via a public cloud service.

Technical Details

This web application is built on top of Node.js using the Express framework and backed on to SQLite for data storage. The user interface design elements are implemented using Bootstrap and jQuery/JavaScript is used for AJAX requests to the Node.js server implemented API. The interface updates in real time using and riot.js.

  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing (inc Payment Tracking)
  • Customer Management
  • Expenses
  • Automatic Tax Return Calculations (UK HMRC)
  • File Sharing
  • Client Login (View Invoices)
  • AJAX
  • Responsive
  • Node JS
  • Express
  • SQLite
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Riot.js
  • HTML5